Church Timeline

June 10, 1829, First pastor appointed to The Jordan Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, The Rev. Roswell Parker

August 26, 1829, Church incorporated, Trustees: John Henney and Luther Huntington from the Town of Elbridge, Joseph Hiscock and Archibald Ward from the Town of Brutus and Ezekial Skinner from the present Village of Elbridge.

December 29, 1829,the lot at the corner of Mechanic and Chappell Streets was purchased for $200. from Hollis Thomas.

June 1830, Church membership reported to Conference 311 members

1830, voted to build church edifice

April 17, 1831, Church dedicated by the Rev. John Demster.  Cost of the building $3,000.  It was built to seat 400 worshipers, with balcony.

June 1831, Church membership reported to Conference 317 members.

1839, The church bell was given by Hollis Knowlton.

June 1845, Elbridge Methodist Episcopal Church organized from the Jordan Church with the Rev. L. D. Tyron appointed as pastor.

1850, Elbridge Church built.

June 1852, Peru Methodist Episcopal Church organized from the Jordan Church with the Rev. Charles H. Austin appointed as pastor.

1853, Peru Church built.

1869, Formal Sabbath School was organized at Jordan Church

January 24, 1874, Ladies Aid Society organized forerunner of the United Methodist Women

1880, the choir was organized

1886, Jordan Church was raised to a second floor.  The balcony was removed and the inside of the church was completely changed as well as a new bell tower.  The cost of renovation was $11.000.

1887, A new church bell was purchased by the heirs of Hollis Knowlton and William T. Graves.

March 16, 1887 the church was dedicated by the Rev. Dr. C. Sims, Chancellor of Syracuse University.

1889, The Epworth League was organized, forerunner of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship

1891, The Elbridge Church was closed and the 9 members were transferred to Jordan.  Many moved their membership to Elbridge Churches.

1898, Most of the Stained Glass windows were given to the church

1903, the Jordan Church was lighted by electricity

1904, the Jordan Church was given a pipe organ in memory of William Cole, John Hunter and William Hunter. Three young men of Jordan who were killed.

1911, The Methodist Brotherhood, organized, forerunner of the United Methodist men

1913, New parsonage built on Chapel Street, old one was in the way of the trolley.

1926, The organ pipes were painted green and gold and an electric blower was installed so that a boy did not have to pump it.

1915, The Women’s Foreign Missionary Society, forerunner of United Methodist Women

1920, The Women’s Home Missionary Society, forerunner of United Methodist Women

1938, Choir robes were purchased for first time

1939, Merger of Methodist Episcopal Church, Methodist Episcopal Church South, Methodist Protestant Church to form new Church, thus Jordan Methodist Church

1945, the spire was removed from the bell tower.

1962, Peru Church closed and membership transferred to Jordan Church

1968, The Methodist Church and the United Evangelical Brethern Church unite to form the United Methodist Church, Jordan United Methodist Church

1979-80, Celebrated our 150th Anniversary.

1980, Hawley Arnold becomes our organist.

April 14, 1985 Ground Breaking for new church

March 9, 1986 first service in new church, cost $36,690. for land and $433,156.80 for building.

September 11, 1986 the Church was consecrated by the Rev. Forrest C. Stith, Bishop of New York West Area

1989, The parsonage was built cost $95,680.20

1990, First Christian Education Director was hired

November 16, 1997, the church was dedicated by the Rev. Robert Stoppert, District Superintendent of the Central Lakes District

2000, the organ was completely refurbished at a cost of $25,000. and rededicated in memory of Albert H. Arnold.  The Chimes were given in memory of the Rev. Franklin Sherman.